Are you ready to let go of unconscious patterns,

Free your inner potential,

Evolve your perspective?

I’m Mary Ann a Holistic Energy facilitator of Inner Wealth and founder of Living Beyond Mind.  After spending many years in the corporate sector, I now help women and men through heart and mind alignment supporting deeper self-connection, universal growth for life and business alignment. I facilitate emotional, energetic,  physical and mindset elevation to assist with your unique path to inner wealth by moving beyond unconscious blocks for a life of balance and fulfilment.

After my own spiritual emergence , I recall how my perception of life expanded significantly, a spotlight of awareness was suddenly switched on. A sacred inner journey moving through many of my own layers into a deeper vibration of emergence, non-attachment and self.

Living Beyond Mind supports enhanced emotional awareness and inner alignment, whilst energetically shifting the vibration of unconscious and conscious patterns to support your goals, enabling improved wellness, transformation, conscious expansion, enriched relationships, prosperity and purpose.

To live beyond the mind permits an integrated life. Engaging all aspects of mind, body and spirit to appreciate the interconnectedness of all whilst  operating at the highest potential.

As a certified energy master healer in Thetahealing , Access Consciousness, Precious Wisdom, Reiki healing modalities with additional studies in Psychology of leadership, Diversity & Equality and Corporate Finance.  I’m now available for private healing sessions, please contact for further information.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann