People are always asking me what do, I say “soul work” because I feel incredibly lucky to do what creates inner fulfilment.

For those of those who know me well they will know I spent a lifetime in my left brain, so I understand the transition to embodying more of that inner essence.

As a holistic facilitator, I help people with their own transition to that place of inner alignment by energetically supporting the internal transformation of limiting beliefs, emotions, and mindset perspective to support alignment and  long term prosperity.

Our external environment can often leave us in a place of inner deficit, the relevance of detoxing outdated belief structures and emotions not only supports emotional awareness and spiritual well-being but can improve self-connection, clarity, intuition and moving beyond blocks and limitations creating smarter outcomes in life and business.

By focusing holistically, it permits inner harmony of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual aspects which can elevate well-being and enhance day to day performance.

Energy healing interwoven with mindset is a powerful tool which can help to restore the human biosphere from stress, re-framing old perspectives, out performing unconscious patterns reconnecting to your long terms goals.

How do I work

In these collaborative sessions I work with both my analytical mind and spiritual abilities to assist you to integrate deeper awareness and shift the old.

I use the Theta brain state to facilitate receiving higher information, healing, clarity, connection, and forward trajectory.

Energy is quantum which enables sessions to be held across the world internationally.

For best results come relaxed, find a space where you will not be disturbed and stay hydrated.

Sessions last from an 1 hour to 90 minutes and would recommend booking sessions a week apart to integrate changes

Please contact to find out how I can assist you with inner transformation.

Did you know that we operate from around 5-10% conscious awareness the rest is our subconscious patterns? Our subconscious is like a filing cabinet. If you wish to see different results, you should look to change the root cause.