Purpose and Abundance matters for many of us, and when there is inner conflict which presents in any stage of life, be it spiritually, mentally, emotional or physically it can often be a recurring subconscious pattern of feeling out of alignment displaying in our inner and outer environment.

The Alchemical process of inner transformation permits embodiment, resolution, and inner harmony. An opportunity for elevation of well-being, enhancing day to day performance, self awareness & connection interwoven with expanded mindset and intuition, restoring the body templates whilst reframing old perspective into life, wellness, abundance and conscious alignment.

Creating space for more positive emotions, acceptance and long term transformation and feeling more at home within the deepest levels of self.

If you desire a reset, to feel more supported, Ready to say yes to yourself. Move beyond old life long patterns, Knowing that when you are feeling your best your transition to elevated potential, wellness, and receiving in all areas of your life. Creates change… Change which ripples outwards.

Get in touch.

In person at 

4B Pagnell street, New Cross, London SE14 6AY on

Sundays 10 am to 6pm

Thursday 5 pm to 7pm

please email info@livingbeyondmind.com for availability

Online through Zoom

In both of these collaborative online and in person sessions, I work intuitively with both analytical mind and  meditational techniques to assist you to integrate deeper awareness and reframing of  old patterns to support inner wealth, reframing of old patterns, imbalance, abundance and transformation.

I use the Theta brain state to facilitate receiving 1) higher information, 2) healing, 3) clarity, 4) Abundance , using a number of quantum energetic techniques.

Please get in touch at info@livingbeyondmind.com to find out how I can assist you.

With Gratitude

Mary Ann

Did you know that we operate from around 5-10% conscious awareness the rest is our subconscious patterns? Our subconscious is like a filing cabinet. If you wish to see different results, you should look to change the root cause.

Mary Ann