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Mary Ann

About me

I’m Mary Jude a Holistic Energy Facilitator, Mentor of Inner Wealth and founder of Living Beyond Mind.  I support conscious self leaders create energetic/soulful alignment and experience deep transformation through healing and intuitive mentorship.

Living Beyond Mind supports inner alignment and connection to support personal and professional living, energetically shifting the vibration of unconscious and conscious patterns to support your goals, enabling improved wellness, conscious expansion, enriched relationships, prosperity, and soul purpose.

To live beyond the mind permits an integrated life. Engaging all aspects of mind, body, and spirit to appreciate the interconnectedness of all whilst operating in alignment and potential.

Certified energy healer in Thetahealing®, Divine Healing Master Keys level 5, Access Consciousness, Reiki healing modalities with additional studies in Psychology of leadership, Diversity & Equality and Corporate Finance.  I’m now available for private healing sessions and tailored transformational programs, please contact for further information.


“The energy of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions surround and radiate from each of us.
Take the opportunity to release, restore and remember your inner potential”

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Saori K, London

Mary Jude is an amazing healer, kind generous and warm all the time, I had a couple of sessions, and she found all the subconscious points we needed to address based on what I wanted to focus on. Some points I didn’t expect to come out during the session so was really surprised and amazed, throughout her guiding and healing I felt a lot of energy releasing from my body and energetically. At the same time, I felt re balanced and feel more aligned after my sessions, Thank you

Emmanuel F, London

Working with Mary Jude was a rewarding experience, balancing, relaxing, and transforming in equal measure. She will help you release subconscious energy blocks and patterns allowing you to be the person you were born and capable of being.

Maja B, Denmark

I highly recommend Mary Jude who is an incredible energy worker. I have had several sessions with her both face-to-face and online. She gently guides me to the core of the blocks that prevents me from living a joyful life. She is super aligned and clear sighted and understanding all the information that’s needed for the wonderful healing to take place. Try it – It is so much worth it!

Michele A, London

I’ve had 6 months of weekly sessions with Mary Jude, and I must say my life completely changed during that time! I’m a different person and I’m more aligned to whom I want to be, everything started to flow easily and I finally broke through many patterns I always struggled to break. The work we did is priceless to me and to the person I want to become. She has an unique energy and she can tune in with high frequencies allowing her to truly get to the root of the issue! I was blown away with almost all of the sessions we had and I always have an incredible transformation!  

Monica P, London

Mary Jude has a very calm and relaxed way about her that made our online sessions very comfortable and I found it easy to be honest and open up. She showed kindness, patience and non-judgement with topics i found difficult to talk about. I found that issues I wanted to discuss  sat deeper in my subconscious.  Mary Jude has helped me release old behaviours, patterns and thoughts. It has been over a month and I’ve experienced improvements in my relationships. Other topics such as fear of letting go have manifested in my day to day life which was another topic we discussed, In these other areas as well I have noticed  small changes, which I am really happy about. I love the idea that I can change unconscious patterns from now on and I look forward to what the future holds.  

Gillian H

Prior to my session with Mary Jude from Living Beyond Mind I was struggling with taking some crucial action towards marketing my business.   Mary Jude was wonderful to work with. Her non-judgmental and calm persona came across straight away and I felt very much at ease. I had questions prepared prior to the session, however so many more questions were answered. Mary Ann quickly and intuitively shifted her approach to my needs and the things that were coming up during the sessions. I am still stunned by ‘the distance’ we covered in such a short space of time.   Since the session I have found myself engaging with Marketing activities for my business, without second thoughts. I am just getting on with it and the blocks that were there appear so far to have been overcome.   Thank you Mary Jude for all your work during the session – so impressive! (Mind blown!!)